How It All Began

My interest in natural skin care products began in 2014. My mom, who is living in the Philippines, suffers from psoriasis. There was limited availability of natural products that can help manage her symptoms. I decided to do my own research and found a book that had natural skincare recipes vetted by a seasoned skincare formulator.

My curiosity and growing interest led me to enroll in a formulation school where I met the most amazing artisans in the world. I started making my own products, selling them at farmers markets in California.

I loved the idea that I was encouraging people in my community to use healthier products on their skin but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to make a bigger difference. I wanted to cause a ripple effect that can make a larger impact in the world.

I started Wildcrafted Woman, an inspirational content site about loving one’s self, natural skin care and entrepreneurship. Wildcrafted Woman teaches and inspires women to take care of themselves by listening to what they need– body and soul.

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and we need to keep it healthy so it can continue to protect our internal system and organs. Lifestyle and food decisions we make affect the health of our skin. Wildcrafted Woman features inspiring stories about unique women skin care artisans from all over the world who make their own natural skin care products from scratch. We focus on those who make a conscious decision to serve their immediate community, keeping the business small so they can maintain the high quality of ingredients and formulations they have been making from the start. We feature women with integrity, commitment to quality and the passion to make a difference in their own circle.

Wildcrafted Woman also shares natural skin care recipes and entrepreneurial tips. We encourage you to make your own high-quality products and if you are so inclined, sell them so more people can benefit from them.

Wildcrafted Woman, through the journey of natural skincare artisans, inspires our audience to listen to their heart’s true desire by choosing a life direction that encourages self-care, generosity, drawing inspiration and guidance from nature and choosing natural products that only has positive qualities supporting your skin’s health.

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