Filming in the Boreal forest: Wild and Free

The freedom to be your own authentic self. It has been a long and interesting journey for me. It’s what drew me to Raphaelle Gagnon, a nomadic natural skincare artisan living in the Boreal forest of Canada. Our all-women Ripplemakers California documentary team flew to Calgary to film Raphaelle’s story.

Raphaelle was a tree planter in the Boreal forest for 9 years before she and her partner Mark Coello decided to live together in a 1967 bus with their DIY mobile apothecary trailer and become nomadic entrepreneurs. They opened Boreal Folk Apothecary in 2016, selling natural skin care products at farmers markets and online. Raphaelle makes the products while Mark builds and maintains the infrastructure needed to run the business. Raphaelle uses ethically foraged herbs harvested in the Boreal forest to make facial and beard oils, soap, and balms. The Ripplemakers team caught up with them in Cochrane, Alberta where they were preparing to vend at the farmers market for the weekend.

Learn more about them. Watch their story.

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